Keep your production line clean and running with our handy dispensers and purpose-made cloths. 100% new, each cloth is made for a specified task yet versatile enough for multi-purpose use. Minimize downtime with our professional wiping, cleaning, and polishing systems that help speed up your regular maintenance.
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Wiping up spills, soaking up liquids, and picking up dirt and dust are common pre-production tasks. The quicker they're done, the sooner you can get working. Our multi-purpose wipers are strong, flexible and absorbent. They're perfect for keeping tools dry, surfaces spotless and intricate parts operational. And with a dispenser nearby, looking for a wiper won't be a task.
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Regular maintenance, like removing dirt and stubborn stains from surfaces, machines and tools, keeps downtime to a minimum. Our cloths—dry or used with water, solvents or detergents—help do the cleaning. More durable than paper, our cleaning cloths last longer and work quickly to save time and money.
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For a shiny, protected finish, applying polish and rubbing with a polishing cloth brings the best out of any surface. The key is using a purpose-made cloth that's soft enough to avoid scratching while being able to apply the polish effortlessly. Our durable, purpose-made polishing cloths absorb and release polish evenly, speeding up the task and efficiently improving the overall result. 
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Keeping your kitchen, restaurant, bar, or café hygienic and looking fresh is easier with wipers and cloths made for the job. From front of house wiping, to back-of-house cleaning, our purpose-made wipers and cloths can help you quickly tackle any task with confidence.

Протирання й очищення

Не знижуйте темп виробництва через щоденні задачі з догляду за обладнанням (коли потрібно витерти розлиту олію чи натерти до блиску поверхню) завдяки міцному й гігієнічному матеріалові та диспенсерам. У нас є те, що вам потрібно і коли це вам потрібно. Отже ви зможете зосередитись на тому, що є для вас найважливішим.


Доповніть атмосферу серветками й аксесуарами для сервірування столу, які пасуватимуть інтер'єрові. Що б ви не подавали — швидкі снеки, просто напої чи обід із п'яти страв, — ми заощадимо ваш час та кошти завдяки ефективним та функціональним продуктам.